The Current Flood Crisis and lesson learned from
Thailand's Flood Disaster
Conference 2014

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The flood season is back in Thailand after 2 years of full-proof flood prevention measures.
Due to a heavier-than-usual monsoon season, more than a quarter of Thailand's provinces have been inundated. With flood already set in, causing damages to building, properties and critical infrastructure across Thailand, there is a need to optimize flood protection with better solution that is able to control a lot of water in a very short time as compared with traditional sandbagging techniques. For delegates who can deliver cost effective flood protection and water containment solutions and present the best flood defence solutions and technologies, this conference is a timely platform to display a range of flood protection products and to demonstrate and show the effectiveness of flood barrier against current flood situation as well as provide insight and determine the best solutions for flooding and water management challenges. The last flood crisis in Thailand was in 2011 and it seems the flood prevention strategy that has been adopted over the last 2 years has not achieved its objective. Against this development, this Conference will bring together policy makers, industry experts, flood control and protection systems providers, to convene in Thailand to discuss, assess the situation and draw up new flood prevention and mitigation plan as well as immediate installation and deployment of flood barriers and delivery of flood protection systems to beef up existing flood prevention structures that have been put in place temporarily as an initial responses to flood on buildings and critical infrastructure from flood waters since July 2014. The discussion at this conference will take on an urgent direction towards flood management and disaster mitigation measures in Thailand in order to reduce vulnerability of buildings in flood prone areas to flood damage, mitigating concerns of similar flooding in the future, sharing of perspective on early recovery from flooding damage, presenting new flood resilient technology as well as strategic measures for post-flood recovery and rehabilitation plan, including emergency response for flood protection and damage repair. Leveraging from this candid discussion, evaluation and assessment, the dissemination of flood preventive measures, insights and perspective can be used as guidelines to mitigate and manage flood crisis in other flood prone region across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and the region.