Non Destructive Testing
Conference 2014

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DAY ONE (29 September 2014)
08:30 Registration
09:00 Chairman’s Opening Remarks
09:15 Selection of an NDT method and the extend of testing
10:00 Morning Refreshments
10:15 Development of Nondestructive testing in Thailand
11:00 NDT infrastructure on installation and startup aspects of offshore projects: perspective from leading oil major company
11:45 Driving the next wave of innovation for the needs of global NDT market
12:30 Lunch
14:00 NDT evaluation of aerospace materials and structures
14:45 NDT on aircraft as fundamental aspect of aircraft safety: will it detrimentally effect on the aircraft turnaround time?
15:30 Afternoon Refreshments
15:45 Automated ultrasonic testing: key issues and challenges
16:30 Latest development in NDT for oil and gas applications
17:15 Panel Discussion with key decision makers involved directly with quality and process safety for fabrication, pipe manufacturing, pipeline, plant construction, chemical, petrochemical plants and shipyard
18:00 End of Day One
DAY TWO (30 September 2014)
09:00 Chairman’s Opening Remarks
09:15 Value adding NDT and providing quality assurance and process safety
10:00 Morning Refreshments
10:15 Nondestructive testing technologies for power plant integrity
11:00 Implementation of Automated Ultrasonic Inspection (AUT) in an onshore installation
11:45 NDT and enhance inherent safety in design and process safety for offshore facilities and interfaces with expansion projects
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Using NDT to see inside the nose of an aircraft and immediately identify any flaws
14:45 Role of NDT in assessing the structural integrity of main component of nuclear power plants
15:30 Afternoon Refreshments
15:45 Stress corrosion cracking assessment in pipeline
16:30 NDT for offshore structural installation and hook-up through various offshore barges and vessels
17:15 Concluding Discussion
Optimisation of NDT methods for high-performance composite materials of an aircraft
18:00 End of Conference

NDT market worth US$17.20 billion by 2020, spur by an urgent demands for inspection, testing and quality control using NDT technique and procedure to ensure reliable result to inform engineering decision making, protect and enhance asset life cycle as well as to enhance physical component repair capability development opportunities

Nondestructive testing is testing of objects for their flaws and imperfections in accordance with some standard norms. The stringent government safety regulations in industry including airlines, shipyards, oil refineries, power generation, constructions, manufacturing of compressed gas containers, automotive and other heavy industries, coupled with rapid infrastructural development across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Europe and the region, have driven the growth of NDT market further. This brings new challenges for the NDT industry, with NDT market worth US$17.20 billion by 2020, with new business opportunities across the U.S and Europe, which provides the major revenue generating regions for NDT, with Latin America and Asia Pacific are the emerging markets for NDT. Brazil, India and China are the countries which have immense growth potential for NDT, while Asia Pacific and Middle East will be the leading market for nondestructive testing, due to the high growth in sectors like infrastructure, power generation and aerospace, especially in countries like India and China. Against this new development, International Non Destructive Testing Conference 2014 provides an excellent opportunity to meet with regional and international experts and professionals who play a key role in the development and advancement of NDT. The Conference will cover NDT and inspection related issues of great relevance to the region across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Europe and the region, including NDT methods and techniques, recent advancements and refinements of NDT technologies to provide input data for fracture mechanics calculations, assess material degradation processes in terms of crack and defect growth thus contributes to possible early warning of component deterioration as well as taking a closer look at the technical and economic aspects of using NDT methods, while meeting applicable operating codes and compliance with the law. The Conference is a valuable platform to the NDT professionals, Inspection Engineer, or professionals involved directly or indirectly with maintaining integrity of a facility and to take a closer look at NDT for the advancement of engineering. In addition to that, the associated exhibition will allow world class NDT vendors to showcase their products and services to the conference attendees.