Global insight and new challenges for

Chief Financial Officers(CFOs)
Conference 2013

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DAY ONE (13 August 2014)
08:00 Registration
09:00 Chairman’s Opening Remarks
09:15 Keynote Address
10:00 Morning Refreshments
10:15 Regulation requirements and the increasing role of CFOs in regulatory adherence.
11:00 Driving shareholder value through optimizing ROIC (returns on invested capital)
11:45 Approaching tail-spend management: finding new savings opportunities and the quest for cost reduction
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Paying back your shareholders: return cash or invest it?
14:45 Discussion on why CFOs should consider sustainability a bottom line priority
15:30 Afternoon Refreshments
15:45 The changing role of the CFO and their direct relationship with the CIO and external technology vendors: How are you placed to lead ICT transformation?
16:30 Can CFOs make the best CEOs?
A panel discussion on a new shift in what Board looks for in a CFO taking over the role as the next CEO

Today's Board wants a CFO who can help them understand the puffed-up proposals coming in from companies, bankers, consultants and attorneys. Alternatively, a trusted manager who shows the right blends of operational and financial expertise? Can CFOs make the best CEOs?
17:00 End of Day One
DAY TWO (14 August 2014)
09:00 Chairman’s Opening Remarks
09:15 Stakeholder management and the perfect partner to the CEO: the balancing of priorities concerning collaboration and independence in finance leadership and controllership
10:00 Morning Refreshments
10:15 Bringing greater connection between strategy formulation, validation and execution of the organization and the finance and risk processes that supporting the strategy
11:00 Towards integrated reporting and bringing together financial and non-financial information to reflect and evaluate trade-offs between the increased importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and to secure growth and profitability
11:45 The challenges of globalization and the need for finance leaders to develop a finance function that works effectively on the global stage
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Transforming finance: challenges and breakthrough solutions for CFOs
14:45 Raising capital and ensuring the right balance of business funding and balancing risk and reward effectively
15:30 Afternoon Refreshments
15:45 Balancing the incremental change and the disruption: what every CFO need to know
16:30 Panel discussion on the challenges of CFOs to reconfigure finance processes and drive business insight through ‘big data’ and analytics
17:00 End of Conference

The current environment continues to be challenging for Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), with survival of their business at stake, facing diminished profitability, new regulatory requirements, increased business complexity, a growing demand for analytics capabilities and greater competition. Attend this conference to maintain, sustain, enhance and fortify your balance sheet with strong capital levels and delivering more consistent revenues and higher shareholder returns?

The outlook for the global economy in the short to medium term is greater uncertainty with fluctuating energy prices due to surging demand and supply disruptions, large currency fluctuations, commodity prices rises, public government deficits and cost cutting, inflationary pressures in some countries, and on-going environmental challenges. All this is taking place against the backdrop of an inexorable longer term shift of power gravity from west to east, the growth of Brazil, Russia, India and China (the BRIC countries), which are in turn facing their own growth challenges, and the rise of new emerging economies. These macro-economic trends have a significant impact on the way in which businesses operate, the priorities they face, and the strategies they develop to be successful on a global platform. This is the global environment in which CFOs will operate. It presents challenges that every CFO must face, and opportunities they must embrace. As business grows across borders, managing the complexity that arises from regulatory inter-relationships also increases. The speed of regulatory change will become even greater issues, thus the need to ensure that the finance function has specialist expertise to resolve regulatory challenges. In addition, the CFO increasingly playing a central role in the definition and execution of strategy and the setting and delivery of performance targets, ensuring the company meets its stakeholder obligations.

Against this backdrop, World Chief Financial Officers Conference 2014 is a timely platform to bring together forward thinking Chief Financial Officers, finance and risk leaders across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Europe and the region to share perspective and insight as well as an opportunity to map out strategy to meet new challenges faced in this highly uncertain environment that could redefine the industry and the ability of their institutions to survive. With "survival of the fittest" at stake and a growing list of challenges to overcome, the role of a CFO defines beyond the concept of "business as usual". In addition, CFOs have to look for ways to eliminate complexity while making it easier to do business with their stakeholders, to enhance stakeholder management and balancing of priorities concerning collaboration and independence in great finance leadership and controllership, reconfigure finance processes and drive business insight through ‘big data’ and analytics as well as to increase earnings by accelerating restructuring plans, increase the numerator and enhance returns on investment.