World Building Information Modeling (BIM)
for Infrastructure, Construction & the Built Environment
Conference 2014

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Featured BIM Case Studies

Featured BIM case studies to achieve safety, speed and quality from building structures to mega projects across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and the region

The conference focuses on infrastructure, construction and the built environment. In addition, a discussion and assessment on mega projects including transportation infrastructure development, underground construction and other major infrastructure projects that will benefit from BIM is necessary. Innovative use of BIM helps construction and mega-projects achieve safety, speed and quality as well as to identify future asset management needs and upgrades, without starting from scratch. Discussion will centre on

  • Building Structure, especially tall buildings and structures
  • Civil Construction
  • Underground Construction
  • Mining projects
  • Offshore oil and gas projects
  • Other major infrastructure development

BIM and tall building development

BIM is rapidly becoming the standard for how buildings are designed, constructed and maintained, as well as structural application of BIM for construction of tall and super tall buildings. The experts will have plenty of successful case studies, including BIM in design and build for the construction of high rise building across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and the region to share with delegates as well as lessons to be learned.


BIM and coal mining projects

In most recent times, BIM’s principle has been extended to coal mining industry that will enhance exploration of alternatives and better solution as well as improved collaboration, higher quality and significant cost savings during planning process including efficient mining and conveyance methods by performing a BIM simulation. The highlight will be on discussion on developing capability of BIM that enables the physical and functional characteristics of a coal mining to be digitally generated and assessed in order to reduce cost schedule overruns, minimise risk and safety issues.

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BIM and underground construction, tunnelling and foundations

BIM application in underground construction project has some unique advantages over BIM for buildings. In general, underground construction projects have larger economies of scale, with small tweaks to design and approach early in the process and this will have a greater influence on a projects overall cost. Coupled with larger margins associated with the risk to perform the work, makes the underground market fertile soil for the predictive characteristics inherent in BIM. As such, it becomes imminent to take a closer look at extending BIM principles to underground construction, tunnelling and foundations. The experts will set aside sometime to discuss and develop capability of BIM to reduce cost schedule overruns and identify future asset management needs and upgrades.

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BIM and offshore oil and gas projects

The arrival of BIM creates an amazing opportunities for design, construction and operations. BIM has unlocked exciting results in the construction industry as well as across the entire construction demand spectrum and project delivery for the oil and gas and offshore industry. The global and local companies operating in oil and gas sector are already using BIM to manage their projects. As such, this is a timely platform to reach out to the oil and gas industry and demonstrate the many benefit of using BIM with its capability in putting design information into real world context by creating 3D representations to share with stakeholders, review boards and public hearings as well as reducing design errors and manage operational assets and facility information across the entire construction demand spectrum of the oil and gas industry across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and the region.

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