World Building Information Modeling (BIM)
for Infrastructure, Construction & the Built Environment
Conference 2014

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BIM Application

BIM enhances the development of earthquake-resistant buildings and promote earthquake-resistant construction as well as rebuild crumbling roads, bridges and buildings

The aftermath of an earthquake manifest great devastation and now the focus will be on the development of earthquake-resistant buildings and promote earthquake-resistant construction. The extensive rebuilding efforts necessary after earthquakes has focused attention on building technology. As such, the panel of experts will share update on developing standards and strategy in integrating BIM to bring a strong focus on implementing sustainable, forward-thinking solutions to rebuild crumbling roads, bridges and buildings. In Haiti's earthquake in 2010, BIM technology, BIMStorm unites planners, architects, government agencies and citizens as they work to rebuild the country's ruined infrastructure, in real time. BIM facilitates collaboration on recovery and reconstruction projects. The panel of experts will share perspective, insight and discuss advances in BIM for resilience of buildings, reducing the risks of nonstructural earthquake damage as well as maximising efficiency to enhance building design and performance.


Optimize public works projects and how to benefit from BIM in public sector and fast track public housing construction and development

Road and highway projects can benefit from design using BIM. How can public works as well as municipal housing authorities across Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe optimize public works projects’ design and construction affordably with a BIM workflow? Sufficient time has been set aside to look into the essential of BIM for public works projects, including road and highway in order to maximize efficiency by deploying the fastest and safest path to integrated construction processes and benchmarking BIM performance. Be updated and maximize tax dollar value with the benefits derived from BIM’s adoption and implementation. From the perspective of municipal housing construction, it is critical to all National Housing Authority and its related government’s agencies to develop and implement public housing programmes which seek to achieve the objective of meeting the urgent housing needs of the people who cannot afford private housing with efficient construction at a fastest delivery timeframe to meet this public demands for housing, it is pertinent to pick up the pace of construction and development of public housing using BIM. For example, the Hong Kong Housing Authority continued to expand its use of BIM, overseen by a BIM Project Steering Committee. BIM models helped fast track public housing development projects such as in Yuen Long, Sha Tin and Kowloon City. As such, there is a need to move into a new paradigm shift in public housing development and benefit from moving to BIM in public housing construction as well as share update on the application of BIM in public housing development in order to enhance building sustainability in housing and value add the expected useful life of building structure.

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