Capital Markets &
Banks' Divergent
to Customer Onboarding

Conference 2018

20 & 21 March 2018 * Bangkok, Thailand ***

  1. Overview
  2. Programme
  3. Gallery
  4. Delegates
  5. Exhibitors
  6. Exhibition Opportunities
DAY ONE (20 March 2018 )
08:30 Registration
09:00 Introduction
09:15 Customer onbording in a digital world: challenges and opportunities
10:00 Morning Refreshments
10:15 Enhancing efficiency right from onboarding a customer
11:00 Due diligence requirements for customer onboarding via digital channels
11:45 New customer onboarding: how to maximize retention and accelerate wallet share
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Key focus areas to successfully transform onboarding
14:45 Technologies powering mobile customer onboarding solutions
15:30 Afternoon Refreshments
15:45 The importance of a digitized process to facilitate a complex onboarding process
16:30 Panel Discussion
17:00 End of Day 1
DAY TWO (21 March 2018 )
09:00 Introduction
09:15 Implementing strategies, plans and procedures pertaining to the onboarding process
10:00 Morning Refreshments
10:15 Digital onboarding and identity verification of retail banking customers
11:00 E-Signatures & the future of customer onboarding
11:45 Improving the account opening process for Millennials and digital banking customers
12:30 Lunch
14:00 How Retail Banks can fix the onboarding customer experience
14:45 Developing a successful onboarding program to drive customer loyalty and profitability
15:30 Afternoon Refreshments
15:45 Streamlining the onboarding process in digitization projects: how far can we push it from a regulatory perspective?
16:30 Concluding Panel Discussion
17:00 End of Conference

The digital era is fundamentally shifting customer behaviour and preferences, requiring capital markets and banks to adopt a customer-centric point of view rather than being product-centric, as such, it is critical to take a closer look at the importance of a digitized process to facilitate a complex onboarding process that is geared to provide capital markets and banks to securely verify the identity of new customers in just minutes, thereby reducing onboarding time, cost, and complexity, towards improving the overall customer experience, while stay compliant

Today’s customers are less patient and want to transact faster across channels, countries and lines of business in a digital environment. When a new customer approaches capital market or bank, ensuring a smooth onboarding process is of the highest priority. Customer onboarding is one of the most crucial functions for capital markets and banks as it directly impacts customer experience, servicing and relationships, all of which, in turn, impact profits. The onboarding stage is often critical to the long-term profitability of a customer, and yet it is during this period that process challenges often appear that can delay time to revenue and generate customer-satisfaction issues. Typically, onboarding systems at capital markets and banks are also largely disconnected from other systems, including KYC, AML, credit and account opening. There is no seamless view of the client and transparency in the process. As such, this conference provides a timely platform to streamline the onboarding process and offer a customized client service, as well as an opportunity for capital markets and banks to meet the challenges in market dynamics, stiff competition, regulatory scrutiny and operational overheads, in order to have an opportunity to expand to new geographies, acquire newer and stronger businesses and establishes themselves as best in the industry.