High-Speed Rail (HSR)

Conference 2018

1 & 2 November 2018 * Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam ***

  1. Overview
  2. Programme
  3. Gallery
  4. Delegates
  5. Exhibitors
  6. Exhibition Opportunities
DAY ONE (1 November 2018 )
08:30 Registration
09:00 Introduction
09:15 Progress and update on Vietnam’s North-South HSR project and climate for private sector’s participation
10:00 Morning Refreshments
10:15 Meeting key challenges towards successful delivery of Vietnam’s North-South HSR project
11:00 Pinpointing constraints and the solutions to expedite the delivery of Vietnam’s North-South HSR project
11:45 Developing conceptual design of Vietnam’s North-South HSR to create optimum project benefits
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Creating transit oriented development (TOD) master-plan along Vietnam’s North-South HSR corridor
14:45 Emerging opportunities for intelligent transport system (ITS) in achieving operational efficiency for Vietnam’s North-South HSR system
15:30 Afternoon Refreshments
15:45 New test method for safety against derailing
16:30 Panel Discussion
17:00 End of Day 1
DAY TWO (2 November 2018 )
09:00 Introduction
09:15 Closing the financing gap for Vietnam’s North-South HSR project
10:00 Morning Refreshments
10:15 Determining the geophysical solution that is right for high-speed rail project
11:00 Corridor mapping to monitor project planning, delivery and controls of Vietnam’s North-South HSR project
11:45 Solutions for the construction and finalized phases of Vietnam’s North-South HSR tunneling projects
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Creation of a Socio-Economic Development Strategy to maximize the economic benefits arising from Vietnam’s North-South HSR project
14:45 Construction methods of HSR project, including the application of geosynthetics in the construction of HSR structures
15:30 Afternoon Refreshments
15:45 Setting new standards for fire protection on HSR trains and tunnels
16:30 Concluding Panel Discussion
17:00 End of Conference

Delivering Vietnam’s North-South HSR project, key success factors, issues to be resolved and building best practice benchmarks for the development of the proposed multi-billion-dollar HSR project, as such, this conference provides a timely platform for a diverse perspective and deep understanding to fine tune and close the gap between aspects of planning/development and the market reality, reviewing possible business opportunities in developing, constructing and maintaining civil infrastructure and stations, as well as reviewing operational, technical and procurement matters relating to HSR systems and operations

From now to 2020, Vietnam is considering schemes on constructing a high-speed North-South railway, with a focus on some priority railway sections, including those between Hanoi capital and central Vinh city, and between Ho Chi Minh City and central Nha Trang city. Vietnam’s North-South HSR system will make use of a double track standard gauge (1,435 millimeters). Its track network will also be completely independent of the existing North-South Railway line. The first stage of the standard-gauge double-track railway will be built from 2020 to 2030, with operational speeds of 160 to 200 kilometers per hour. For the 2020-2030 phase, the construction of the HSR will begin with electrified train operating at speeds ranging from 160 kilometres per hour to less than 200 kilometres per hour. Priority will be given to sections with great demand. It is envisioned that Vietnam’s North-South HSR system will be completed by 2050. From 2050, it is expected that the train can run at a maximum speed of 350 kilometres per hour.

Vietnam’s North-South HSR project brings lucrative opportunities to all forward thinking industry players to bid for the construction of HSR infrastructure, including all aspects of the HSR development, from construction, operation, rolling-stock, financing, signaling system, as well as development of new townships and facilities along the track line. Against this development, “Vietnam’s North-South High-Speed Rail (HSR) Project Conference 2018” provides update on current status and development of the HSR project as well as a platform to generate leads and contacts for possible business opportunities for industry players to participate. In addition, this conference provides a timely opportunity to forge partnership to deliver operational efficiency, pinpointing constraints and the solutions to expedite the delivery of Vietnam’s North-South HSR project.