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Conference 2018

2 & 3 October 2018 * Yangon, Myanmar ***

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Recent liberalizations are set to transform the insurance sector in Myanmar, with the licensing of private insurers offering 100% foreign ownership to offer life insurance by the end of 2018, in addition, foreign companies will be allowed to form joint ventures with local insurers to offer general insurance, all this will lead to major growth in this untapped market of over US$2 billion insurance premiums by 2030, especially in delivering consistent excellence in underwriting, pricing advantage and claims, as such, this conference is a timely platform to provide clarity on licensing for foreign insurers and brokers, therefore, the need for insurance companies to assess readiness for the impending liberalization that will trigger innovation in delivering a superior underwriting profit while providing protection at a fairer price that reflects the true level of exposure, including benchmarking of insurance products in Myanmar insurance industry

The comprehensive insurance liberalization plan has already been finalized, and has been approved by the Myanmar government with the aims to achieve a well-structured and competitive insurance market, including a blueprint for insurance market that will allow foreign insurance underwriters, brokers and agents to obtain licenses. The move to welcome foreign insurance firm is the first development in the market in the past 70 years. Insurance providers in Myanmar can expect a more competitive and promising landscape on which to do business in the near future. As such, this conference will take a glimpse into the current development of Myanmar's insurance market, as well as provides a timely platform to assess a high level assessment of the potential of insurance in Myanmar, including identifying areas of possible opportunity, where foreign insurers will be able to leverage their global capabilities. In addition, this conference will provide an opportunity for insurance companies to prioritize the most critical aspects to assess readiness for the impending liberalization, towards identifying and potentially close any capability gaps in order to deliver consistent excellence in insurance pricing, underwriting cycle modeling and insurance risk benchmarks in Myanmar’s new regulatory landscape.