Construction Contract Change
Orders-Related Disputes &
Troubleshooting Complex
Construction Legal Issues

Conference 2018

26 & 27 March 2018 * Bangkok, Thailand ***

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Contracts for the construction of roads, buildings and other works including the construction of an underground city present certain special features from the legal perspective, therefore, it is essential to have an in-depth understanding of critical construction project legal matters and thereafter, legal significance be examined in some detail including change order disasters, project delay disagreements as well as construction defect disputes

It is impossible to avoid changes in construction projects, be it the construction of roads, highways, commercial buildings, high-speed rail infrastructures as well as an underground city. Therefore, change orders have long been an inherent part of the construction industry. These changes usually lead to issuance of change order. Change orders affect the performance of construction projects and may induce significant cost overruns, schedule delays and disputes. Against this development, this conference will identify the main causes/factors that lead to change orders in construction projects as well as quantify the cost overrun impact of these change orders. There are some instances where the parties are unable to resolve the issues and a dispute develops which may be resolved through mediation, arbitration or litigation. As such, this conference provides a timely platform to identify issues of change leading to cost conflicts and manage them effectively as well as open up alternative viewpoints of change by the parties concerned. Discussion will also include evaluation of project change orders to determine whether the change is handled in accordance with the contractual change order procedures as well as reviewing whether the change(s) had any additional impacts on the project, including critical path schedule delays or resulted in inefficiencies that are not captured or settled in the change order. Delegates will have sufficient time to thoroughly review contract documents to understand the parties’ responsibilities, scope of work, change order provisions and any other contractual provisions relevant to the dispute.