Terrorism Risk Index,
Big Data Analytics,
Balanced Scorecard Framework
& Changing Approach
to Identify & Disrupt
all Terrorist Plots

Conference 2017

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The threat of a terrorist attack is substantial and will remain so for the foreseeable future and the considerable frequency of plots indicates that terrorism threat has not subsided, therefore, there is a need to take a closer look at methods in calculating a quantitative value of risk for terrorist attack in order to enhance operational imperative, to build the capacity to deal with terrorism and to prevent another terror attack, as such this conference will address the value of terrorism risk index, big data analytics and balanced scorecard framework, in order to develop a corresponding changing approach to identify and disrupt all terrorist plots, effectively and efficiently

Today's terrorists can strike anywhere at any time. The threat of terrorism became horrifically real on 11th September 2001. The subsequent response to this threat has taken many forms, including the development of new technologies intended to provide a technical advantage that can aid in thwarting terrorism. Measuring and tracking levels of terrorism risk is an important component for security policy. These data provide insight into how current programs are reducing risk and when and where new terrorist threats may be emerging. However, uncertainty and value judgments in terrorism risk assessment seek robust risk estimators that account for uncertainty about terrorism risk and variance in citizen values. As such, to find the best methods to curb terrorism is critical as it is not enough to make policies based on assumptions. This conference will provide a platform to share perspectives and add information in order to promote discussions into the need to establish terrorism risk index, big data analytics and balanced scorecard framework to uncover the causes and likelihood of terrorism, that will translate to create the best policies possible to curb terrorism as well as to better identify the root of terrorism that will help governments to know better what has pushed the increase in terrorism activities, to enhance collective security and curb terror plots.