(Competitive Video Gaming)
Conference 2017

28 & 29 September 2017 * Bangkok, Thailand ***

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The growth of eSports across linear, social and digital platforms has created an opportunity to translate into a potentially lucrative component to sports vertical and turning video games into a spectator sport, with a variety of revenue streams that companies can tap into, as well as accelerating the convergence of various established industries that will create plenty of commercial opportunity, including discussion on how eSports are pioneering new media models and giving more advertising opportunities for brands, as well as the prospect of eSports and gambling convergence that will set to ignite business boom

The eSports industry is huge and it is critical to steer ahead of the competition in this rapidly growing industry to ensure a stable yet sustainable growth pattern. Currently, the global eSports market is worth US$892 million in revenue with 214 million viewers, and expected to reach US$1.23 billion by 2019 with 303 million viewers. In addition, eSports is not only growing exponentially as a new independent business and industry, it is also accelerating the convergence of various established industries, which will open up plenty of commercial opportunity, including incorporating gaming into the realm of broadcasters and media that can now effectively create advertising business model to a market previously out of reach. The bottom-line is that the core eSports fans are working professionals with buying power as well as eSports is a full calendar year of programing, because of the number of tournaments and leagues for each game, giving more advertising opportunities that other sports. As such, there is a huge opportunity for brands to carve out an ownable space and develop a first-mover advantage among their competitive set to win the hearts of fans. In addition, video gaming resonates deeply with a broad and diverse audience that casino operators should find attractive, that have seen some US$5.5 billion being wagered in 2016 by eSports fans on the outcome of eSports matches and other eSports-related gambling, which has created the need to further explore the opportunities eSports presents for the casino industry.