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Conference 2017

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Exhibition & Sponsorship

This Conference has been planned to help you penetrate your market in a cost effective and efficient way. Through the exploitation of various media we engaged, we could give you a diverse and comprehensive marketing strategy that can achieve your market objectives. Whether this is to tailor your campaign to achieve local market penetration or if you are looking for a comprehensive global marketing strategy, we have a solution to help you achieve the objective! Take advantage of our comprehensive corporate packages to raise your corporate profile by exhibiting at this event and network with your industry. Each sponsor is guaranteed maximum exposure.

*** from 12 September 2001, due to market competition and exclusive privacy, please contact the organisers directly for the hotel venue. As this is a private and admitted by invitation event, only registered delegates will have full access and priority to all business networking and market potentials that have been arranged for this occasion while preventing unwanted competitors from sneaking into the venue to take advantage of these privileges that will only add value to their businesses, profitability and enhance their competitors’ analysis.


Due to confidentiality, we therefore reserve the right to protect the confidentiality of our contents from market competition. If you need updated agenda, with list of invited speakers and participants, please forward your request to

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