Aquaculture Feeds &
The Potential Of
Palm Oil Utilization
Without Rainforest Destruction &
Species Extinction
Conference 2017

22 & 23 August 2017 * Bangkok, Thailand ***

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The need to take a closer look at the ever expanding oil palm cultivation that offers the possibility of an increased, cost effective and sustainable alternative in aquaculture feeds, as well as pragmatic measures to transform production practices that will reduce the cost of feeding in aquaculture

Aquaculture is a challenging sector, and the standards aim to address critical issues relating to natural habitat conservation, fish feed and water quality will continue to be a critical tool to feed a growing population while conserving precious natural resources. The high dependency on marine fish oil as a major lipid source in aquaculture feeds has raised major concerns of sustainability for aquaculture in the future due to limited supply of fish oil and expanding global nature of aquaculture products. Therefore, many efforts have been made to find alternative oils in replacing fish oil. Palm oil which is rich in beta carotene, vitamin E and lipids, is certainly an alternative replacement to fish oil, without any negative effects in the growth, food consumption efficiency and meat quality. As such, this conference reviews advances in the use of palm oil as an alternative lipid source in aquaculture feeds as well as an opportunity to enhance improved knowledge on nutrient utilization by aquatic organisms. However, palm oil plantations are a huge climate polluter and the high demand for palm oil is driving the destruction of ancient rainforests. As such, this conference will reach a shared understanding and improved practice to make palm oil without rainforest destruction and species extinction, as well as transforming markets and benchmark against latest innovations and best practices to make sustainable palm oil production, including new breakthrough in advanced equipment and services to the aquaculture farming practices industry.